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Master Plan

Master Plan

In order to effectively remediate a piece of property back to its full environmental potential, a concise plan must be developed and implemented. This plan must define the goals of the project, devise a way to measure the progress towards these ends, develop a series of actions that bring results, and finally monitor any successes or failures along the way (so that they may either be corrected or act as a lesson for the future). Duquesne University has taken the intitative to draw up a proposal for one such plan. This plan has taken to account comments and suggestions from all stakeholders of the project and will continue to make use of their input.

Allegheny River


The objectives of the master plan (as presented on 2/18/2009):

In June 2011, an official baseline report and master plan document were released by the university. Links to these (.pdf) can be found below:

Existing Conditions Report - June 2011
Master Plan Report - June 2011


In order to further these goals, the actions below have been proposed (2/18/2009):

Wooded temperal pond
  • Maintain Early Successional Shrub Land
    • Upland Scrub / Shrub, Old Field / Scrub
    • Some Transitional Forest along lake trail
    • Add Bluebird nest boxes
  • Control Invasive Plant Species
  • Allow Some Transitional Forest to Mature
    • South side of lake and annex peninsula
  • American Chestnut Propagation Area
    • Replace some Old Field and Scrub / Shrub
  • Wood Duck Nest Boxes
  • Osprey Nesting Platforms
  • Bat Boxes
  • Maintain Existing Walking Trails
  • Observation Platforms
  • Connect River to Lake
    • Improve diversity of fish/provide spawning habitat
    • Specific method for this connection still under evaluation
  • Ancillary Activities
    • Grading/Demoliton
    • Site access
    • RR crossing
      • Relocate switch point
    • Barge removal from basin
    • Boat ramp/dock
    • Utilities
    • General purpose building
      • Parking
      • Amenities
      • LEED certified