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Real-Time Data
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Real-Time Data

While this feature is not currently active, once implemented, it will allow visitors to look at real-time water quality data transmitted remotely from a sonde in the main lake at Murphy's Bottom. At the click of a button one can access data such as turbidity, pH, temperature, chlorophyll, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen from within-the-hour. This tool can be used not only to closely monitor the current state of the lake but also observe long-time seasonal changes. Below are MS Excell spreadsheets containing data recorded by the sonde as well as interpretive graphs. Data and graphs can be navigated by clicking through seperate tabs within the files.

Data from 2008 Season (MS Excel format)

2008 Historic Weather Data (MS Excel format)

Data from 2009 Season (MS Excel format)

Data from 2010 Season (MS Excel format)